New Member Info


Your club, which you are now an important part of, is one that is friendly and easy going. Photography is our central activity and you will learn a great deal in a manner that is professional and inspirational. As well, you will make friends with people who have the same love of photography that you do.

You are now a member … what next?

Try to be active – come along to as many Exhibition and Info nights as you can.
Exhibition nights are on the first Wednesday of the month and Info nights are on the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings start at 7:30pm, although you can arrive earlier if you wish. We are always looking for willing hands to help with set up.
If you are exhibiting Prints please arrive by 7:15pm.
(Don’t forget we are now meeting in Katoomba for 2021) see ‘Where we meet’ page

After you settle in as a member, think about submitting images on any of the Exhibition nights. A good start for newer members is to submit  DPI (Digital Projected Images) images and then move on to printed images at a later stage.
In 2021 we will be continuing our Theme Nights on several of our Exhibition Nights during the year. The themes and the dates will be available on our calendar.

Submitting Images –

What images should you choose to display?
Your best ones! Always aim to put your best images on show. This will ensure you learn & improve at the fastest rate.
New members can sometimes be embarrassed about submitting images thinking ‘are they good enough’… please feel free to talk to someone (other members or a committee member) where you can show them first and get some advice.

Please go to the ‘SUBMITTING IMAGES‘ for instructions on resizing and renaming your image files for emailing.

Judging (and critiquing images)

When you submit images on exhibition night, they will be critiqued by an experienced judge or our ‘in-house’ judges.
(For some of our exhibition nights we will have a guest judge – other nights will be by selected members)
This will broaden your photographic knowledge and improve your photography. Please keep in mind that judges are human and have their own likes and dislikes not matter how objective they try to be. One judge’s ‘lead’ might be another one’s ‘silver’. However, having your images critiqued is an excellent way of improving your photography.

Financial Matters

Fees are paid annually and are due in February each year.
All fees (and mat board purchases) to be done online only. (ie no cash transactions) – see bank details below…

Full membership fees* for 2021 are now… $50 per year – Concession (pensioners and students) – $40
*the fees have increased this year, however for our exhibition nights and meetings at the Palais Royale there will no longer be an ‘entry fee’…
(ie. we no longer require $5 at the door as we did in our previous location)
We do encourage members to buy a drink – or a coffee – on the night to support our hosts but this is not obligatory.

BSB – 633000 — Acct # – 174099812

Remember to add your full name to the transfer so that we know who paid what.

It would be helpful as well to note what you are paying for (eg FEES  Joe Bloggs)

If you are purchasing Mat Boards prior to Exhibition night please indicate this also
(eg ‘BLACK MATS Joe Bloggs’ OR  ‘WHITE MATS  Joe Bloggs’)
…Thank you in advance.

Please also remember to sign in at the door (as well as the COVID check-in at the venue) as it is vital for our Public Liability Insurance cover.
As a club member, you can give feedback to the committee on any issue by email.  Click here for [Contact Us] page.
If there are things you like … tell us. If there are things you think could be improved … tell us. With your help we can make the club even better.

We hope you will enjoy this club as much as we do!