New Member Info


Your club, which you are now an important part of, is one that is friendly and easy going. Photography is our central activity and you will learn a great deal in a manner that is professional and inspirational. As well, you will make friends with people who have the same love of photography that you do.

You are now a member … what next?

Try to be active – come along to as many Exhibition and Info nights as you can.
Exhibition nights are on the first Wednesday of the month and Info nights are on the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings start at 7:30pm, although you can arrive earlier if you wish.
If you are exhibiting Prints please arrive by 7:15pm.

After you settle in as a member, think about submitting images on any of the Exhibition nights. A good start for newer members is to submit  DPI (Digital Projected Images) images and then move on to printed images later.
This year (2019) we have also started having Theme Nights on several of our Info Nights during the year. These are introduced 2 months prior to our Theme Night slideshow so there is plenty of time to ‘have a go’.
All members are encouraged to enter images (usually around six) as they will be shown – as digital projected images only – without being judged or critiqued.

Submitting Images

What images should you choose to display?
Your best ones! Always aim to put your best images on show. This will ensure you learn & improve at the fastest rate.
New members can sometimes be embarrassed about submitting images thinking ‘are they good enough’… please feel free to talk to someone (other members or a committee member) where you can show them first and get some advice.
DPI – Digital Projected Images need to be a certain size so that they can be projected at their best.
Up to three digital images can be shown on an exhibition night.
These are to be re-sized to be within 1024H x 768W pixels and in JPG format… (max width = 1024px – max height = 768px)*
*These sizes are best to suit our current projector – sizes too small or too large may not appear on our screen correctly.

For information on how to do this, please follow the link to the Image Preparation page. (currently being updated)

Images are to be submitted electronically using the following email address – [ ]
These need to be in by the Sunday night prior to Exhibition Night (1st Wednesday of the month)
(You will receive an automated response to your received email – if you don’t receive one you may have been to late with your entry)

Each image should have a title and include your initials. Do this by renaming your image file to the format shown below. For consistency in our records and readability please use the following format…
[ Title_initials ] – ie Coastal Sunset_JW.jpg (when saved as a jpg this will generally be added automatically)

– Prints may be entered in two sections –  Colour Print [CP] or Monochrome Print (B&W) [MP].
Up to three (3) prints can be shown in each category on an exhibition night.
A reduced size image of your print (similar to DPI sizing) should also be emailed to [ ] – to differentiate these images please preface the filename as follows…
[CP]  = Colour Print or [MP] = Monochrome Print — (ie [CP] Coastal Sunset_JW.jpg)
This will greatly assist in the workflow for our projectionist, scorer and judges.

Prints should be mounted on cardboard (mat) to keep them flat which allows them to be shown to their best advantage. Follow the link to the Image Preparation page to find out how to do this. (currently being updated)

Images for Info Nights
– (Theme nights, events, outings etc) – same sizing for DPI images (1024 x 768 pixels)
When submitting these images please use a small watermark on your image (or rename your image filename if you prefer) Rename or watermark with Title and/or your Full Name.
Example:- Original file name = ‘DSC1017.jpg’ (or similar) – Watermark or rename to ‘Very Nice Image – Joe Blogg.jpg’
This can also be done as a sequence eg. Very Nice Image_1.jpg… Very Nice Image_2.jpg… etc

Judging (and critiquing images)

When you submit images on exhibition night, they will be critiqued by an experienced judge(s)
(For some of our exhibition nights we will have a guest judge – other nights will be by selected members)
This will broaden your photographic knowledge and improve your photography. Please keep in mind that judges are human and have their own likes and dislikes not matter how objective they try to be. One judges lead might be another one’s silver. However, do try to learn from the comments they offer.

Financial Matters

Fees are paid annually and are due in February each year. Full membership is $35 and concession is $20.
If you are able please pay on-line via direct deposit to the club account shown here…
BSB – 802084 — Acct – 730090
Remember to add your full name to the transfer so that we know who paid what. Thank you in advance…

As we have to pay a fee to rent the hall, we do require that $5 be paid at each meeting to cover the cost of this. Payment should be made as you sign in at the entrance to the hall. Please remember to sign in, as it is vital for our Public Liability Insurance cover.
As a club member, you can give feedback to the committee on any issue by email.  Click here for [Contact Us] page.
If there are things you like … tell us. If there are things you think could be improved … tell us. With your help we can make the club even better.

We hope you will enjoy this club as much as we do!