SUBMITTING IMAGES for Exhibition Nights

Our exhibition nights include 3 categories
DPI – Digital Projected Image (includes Colour and Monochrome Images)
CP – Colour Print
MP – Monochrome Print (This can be Black and White or 1 colour ie Sepia Tone)
DPI – Digital Projected Images are to be resized (and renamed) as shown below…
Currently you may enter up to 3 images from each category on an exhibition night (9 total)

PLEASE NOTE OUR ‘NEW’ SIZES (starting September 2020 Exhibition)
All images are to be submitted as per ‘DPI’ requirements for ‘Online Exhibitions’

Digital images are to be re-sized to be within 1920H x 1200W pixels and in JPG format only…
Maximum width = 1920px for landscape format (height not to exceed 1200px)
Maximum height = 1200px for portrait format
(Square cropped images to be resized to 1200px x 1200px)

DPI – Digital images are to be re-sized to be within 1024H x 768W pixels and in JPG format only…
Maximum width = 1024px for landscape format (height not to exceed 768px)
Maximum height = 768px for portrait format
(Square cropped images to be resized to 768px x 768px – 5:4 ratio or 10×8 ‘landscape format would be 960W x 768H)

*These sizes are best to suit our current projector – sizes too small or too large may not appear on our screen correctly.

The ‘Colour Space‘ should be set to ‘sRGB‘ and your ‘quality‘ can be set to ‘maximum’ – 100%
– (ie Photoshop ~ 12).

Typically your image file will be approximately between 200KB ~ 800KB
With the new sizing this now could be around 2Mb (2000Kb) – or even higher

– if too small your image may be too small (dimensions) or overly compressed and won’t be displayed at the optimum quality.
If the image is too big (ie well over 1MB or 1000KB) you may have not resized correctly, or have saved as the wrong format. (Please discuss with someone at the club if you are having any issues with this)
Please go to our “Preparing Images for Exhibition” page for instructions on resizing etc if required. (Available soon)

When saving image files please use the filename format as shown below in “Title/Filename Format Section” below

Digital copies
(jpg) of your PRINT entries should be resized and renamed in the same way to DPI images and emailed as well. (Instructions below)

Title/Filename Format

Each image should have a title and include your initials.
Do this by renaming your new, resized image file to the format shown below.

For consistency and processing please use the following format using these prefixes to show the category of your image.
(Please note prefix is required on ALL image files to denote the category of each image)

[CP] = Colour Print
[MP] = Monochrome Print

[DPI] = Digital Projected Image
Example — [CP] Coastal Sunset_JW.jpg
Taking note of spaces, underscore (no dashes) and square brackets only   [  ] – NOT  (  ) or {  }

Using the exact format as shown above enables us to greatly speed up processing and registering your images for each exhibition night – this is of greater importance when we have a larger number of images.
This is also very important for our new ‘automated’ processing system and is needed to assist sorting for the projectionist, judges and scorers.

Some programs (apps) will add dashes and/or numbers to the names of your new resized files (as with Photoshop ‘Save for Web’)
…so please edit your filename – rename and remove extra dashes and/or numbers BEFORE emailing your image files.
Example  [DPI]-good-title—JB001.jpg  (❌)   renamed to this >>>   [DPI] Good Title_JB.jpg  (✔️)

Where is the .JPG extension?
.JPG, .jpg or .jpeg extension is usually added by your computer program when saving – or exporting – as ‘jpg’ (‘jpeg’) and can sometimes be ‘hidden’ in your files list (ie ‘Explorer’ – Windows –or– ‘Finder’ – Mac . You may need to change your computer settings to enable ‘show common file extensions’ or untick ‘Hide Extension’ (or something similar).

If you use Adobe Lightroom, Michael has made some instructions for “Making a file naming template (with Lightroom)” as a PDF you can view or download here.
If you are using Adobe Bridge you can also set up ‘presets’ with ‘Batch Rename’. (Adobe Bridge can be downloaded for free and also used as catalogue and ‘organiser’ for your images)


Images (both DPIs and jpg copies of prints) are to be submitted electronically using the following email address –
[ ]

ALL image files
need to be emailed in by the Sunday night prior to Exhibition Night.

Exhibition night is always on 1st Wednesday of each month and our Google calendar shows all these dates for a reminder as well.

Please send all image files as attachments (not in a folder or ‘zipped’)

✉︎ Apple Mail users – please ensure you select Image Size: Actual Size

All images can be sent in ONE email as long as they have the prefix…
ie [CP] [MP] or [DPI] – will denote the different categories.

PRINTS (your ‘hard copy’ that is) need to be there by 7:15pm on Exhibition night to get a ‘registry number’ and add to display stands.

(You will receive an automated response from ‘’ to your received email – if you don’t receive one you may have been too late with your entry)