Information Nights

Where we focus on info…

On our 3rd Wednesday of the month
we have information nights which will include:

  • Short talks or presentations by members

  • …and Guest speakers

  • Focusing on a theme – including short videos and discussion
    (i.e. VIVID, Winter Magic, Ironfest etc)

  • Mini-workshops, demonstrations and ‘hands-on’

  • see below for 2020 themes… Please take note of the dates

THEMES for 2020

In 2020 we will be introducing 3 themes over the year…
STILL LIFE – Introduction and information night 19th February
Exhibition Night Theme – ‘STILL LIFE’ – 1st April
NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY (includes Astro-photography) – Introduction and information night 20th May
Exhibition Night Theme – ‘NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY’ – 1st July
– Introduction and information on Monochrome  – 19th August
Exhibition Night Theme – ‘MONO’ – 7th October