Submitting Images for Exhibition Nights

Our exhibition nights include 3 categories
– Digital Projected Image includes both colour and monochrome
CP – Colour Print
MP – Monochrome Print (NOTE: the recognised definition of monochrome according to the FCC is “A photograph developed or executed in Black and White or in varying tones of only one colour.” So that could be all greens, all blues, sepia etc.)
The number of images that you can submit may change from time to time. Currently a total of three images can be submitted. These could all be in one category or spread across two to three categories.

Maximum width = 1920px for landscape format (height ≤1200px)….. Maximum height = 1200px for portrait format (width < 1200px)….. Square-cropped images to be resized to 1200px x 1200px

Preparing your images

Images must not exceed 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Images must be submitted in JPG (jpeg) format.

Set Colour Space to sRGB.

Set Quality to maximum.

Image File Size may be up to approximately 2Mb (2000Kb).

If you are exhibiting PRINTS you must also submit your print images as DPIs prepared as described above.

Category, Image Title and Your Initials

All images must be submitted with details of category, title and your initials in the following format, using initial capital letters, square brackets, spaces and underscore exactly as shown below for each category: Colour Prints, Mono Prints and Digital Projected Images.

[CP] Brilliant Sunrise_AB.JPG

[MP] Brilliant Sunrise_AB.JPG

[DPI] Brilliant Sunrise_AB.JPG
Please check all of the details are correct before emailing them to:
[email protected]
Your images should be emailed as attachments*, all in one email, to the club DPI email address no later than the THURSDAY EVENING immediately prior to the first Monday of the month exhibition night.
Please ensure that your email program doesn’t automatically reduce the size of your attached images even further in the mistaken belief that it is helping you.
(*  ✉︎ Apple Mail users – please ensure you selectImage Size: Actual Size)

You will receive an automated reply that your email has been received.


The DPIs of your prints need to be prepared and emailed following all the instructions and timelines above.
Prints must be neatly framed in a mat board no larger than 40cm x 50cm. The TITLE and your NAME must be written on a sticker on the back of your print.

On the evening of the exhibition night, please arrive at Katoomba RSL between 7.00 and 7.15pm to set up your prints on the colour and monochrome display boards.
Then you can mingle, perhaps with a glass of wine, and be ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening’s entertainment which starts promptly at 7.30pm!