Occasionally we may use Zoom Online Meetings which are available for most devices. (see below)
An email is sent to members on the day of the meeting

To join a meeting you can just use the link* through your web browser
OR you can download and use the app which can also be better…
Click ‘Join Meeting’ and enter meeting ID (and password if required)
*(we will send out an ‘invite’ with link via email to current members on or before the meeting nights)

The app (for PC and Mac) can be downloaded from website
iPhone/iPad you can download ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings‘ from the App Store – (iPhone / iPad)
Android devices you can download ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings‘ from Google Play
A good place to start is watch (or read) some basic tutorials
This YouTube video is only short and gives the basics  – and it’s only about 8 minutes

     Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time; Fun and Easy Online Connection

If you want to learn more these 2 videos (about 20 min each) do explain more of the ‘nitty-gritty’.
     Zoom Basics – Using Zoom for Classes and Meetings
     Zoom Full Tutorial And Overview – Video Conferencing Made Easy

What sort of equipment do I need?

A laptop with a camera is probably best – unless you have a camera on a desktop machine. (using headphones or earphones with mic can be helpful too)
What sort of internet connection do I need?
Broadband or NBN is ideal – most wireless internet should also work well – the more bandwidth the better
If you are using mobile internet you will need at least 4G

How much internet does Zoom meetings use?
This will depend partly on your equipment (including camera) as well as your internet connection…

In broad terms, however, a 1 hour meeting could use about 500Mb and possibly up to 1Gb.


  • If you can elevate or prop up your laptop, pad or phone ideally near to eye level – with the light (window or room lights) shining on you, not behind you.
  • Clean your screen near your camera so everyone can see you properly (ipad or phone – this will be the one on the same side as your screen and is only a 1-2mm ‘spot’)
  • Try and join 5 minutes earlier so you are ready to go. ie check your camera (video) and audio